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Top Israeli diamond sellers for 2011

Leo Schachter topped the list of Israel’s polished diamond sellers for the year just ended, exporting a net $403 million worth of goods from January-December 2011, according to figures compiled by the Industry, Trade, and Labor Ministry.



M.I.D. House of Diamonds’ net polished exports for the year stood at $239 million, while A.A. Rachiminov Diamonds exported a net $216 million. E.Z. Diamonds and Yoshfe Diamonds International rounded out the top five with $140 million and $130 million in net polished exports, respectively.



Niro Diamonds exported a net $111 worth of polished diamonds in the year reported, followed by Arabov Group ($102 million); Andre Messika ($101 million); and Ofeer Mizrachi Diamonds ($96 million.)



Israel’s tenth-largest net exporter of polished diamonds for 2011 was Rosy Blue Sales, with $85 million in net polished diamond exports.



Diamond Controller Shmuel Mordechai, said: “2011 was characterized by polished diamond exports worth $7.2 billion, which represents a 23.5% increase. Likewise, rough diamonds also saw an increase of 14.9%, totaling $3.5 billion. This trend is in line with the trend in the global diamond industry, which has saw growth by all parameters until the last quarter of 2011. Unfortunately, it appears that this growth trend won’t continue in 2012. We expect that in 2012 the amount of activity in the diamond sector will decrease, according to the activity seen in the last quarter of 2011. This is due to the effect of the global economic recession and in particular a slowdown in the diamond industry.”



Below is the Industry, Trade, and Labor Ministry’s complete list of the top 25 net polished diamond exporters for 2011, with each company’s net polished diamond exports listed in millions of dollars ($):



No Company name

US $ Polished


1 Leo Schachter Diamonds Ltd 403
2 M.I.D. House Of Diamonds Ltd 239
3 A.A. Rachminov Diamonds (2000)Ltd 216
4 E.Z. Diamonds Ltd 140
5 Yoshfe Diamonds Intl Ltd 130
6 Niru DiamondsIsrael (1987) Ltd 111
7 Arabov Group Ltd 102
8 Andre Messika Ltd. 101
9 Ofer Mizrahi Diamonds Ltd 96
10 Rosy Blue Sales Ltd 85
11 Segaldiam Ltd 69
12 Royal Gem (Israel) Ltd 68
13 Poligem 67
14 Masingita Ltd. 65
15 Rachminov Diamonds (Israel) 1891 61
16 SN Asia (Israel) Ltd 59
17 Kuperman Brothers Diamonds Ltd 57
18 O.S.G. Polishing Ltd 50
19 Beta Diamonds Ltd 48
20 Eran Diamonds-Yehuda Sayag 47
21 Eshed-Diam Ltd 47
22 Z.I.P. Diamonds Ltd 46
23 Waldman Diamonds (W.D.C) Israel Ltd 45
24 A. Schwartz & Sons Diamonds Ltd 43
25 Annita Diamonds 43




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