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Top Israeli diamond sellers for 2013

The top Israeli diamond sellers list for 2013, including 20 Israeli diamond companies, was published by the Diamond Authority of the Economy Ministry.

Like last year, the top three positions were held by diamond companies, which all registered increases in sales. Leo Schachter Diamonds takes the top spot on the list with a slight increase of 3.5% in exports, from $317 million in 2012 to $328 million in 2013. MID House of Diamonds took the second spot, also increasing its sales by 3.8% from $238 million in 2012 to $247 million in 2013. In third place is A.A. Rachminov Diamonds will an impressive increase of 16.7% from $180 million in 2012 to $210 million in 2013.



Surprise of the Year

The firm that more than doubled its exports year over year was D.N. Diamonds Israel. In 2012 it exported $41 million and in 2013 it exported $94 million, an increase of 130%.

Nisim Zuarets, an owner of DN Diamonds said, “This year’s success is first of all due to hard work by all of our dedicated staff. This year we invested much in marketing to all of Asia, which included opening a office in Hong Kong, and we also increased our trade with European countries. We participated in more jewelry exhibitions this year and we increased the size of our pavilion at every show. We increased the variety of our merchandise and today we are known as a firm that deals with high quality merchandise, cutting and cleaning of stones from 1 to 30 carats. We try to keep our hand on the pulse of the industry and to always be attentive to our customers and suppliers. Our staff grew this year, and it is an amazing dedicated team. We have a family atmosphere, which of course increases motivation.”



Decrease in Export

Out of the top twenty, all firms registered an increase in exports, except for four firms which saw a decrease: Niru Diamonds, which dropped by 7%, Polygem, which dropped by 25%, Rachminov Diamonds, which dropped by 16%, and Eran Diamonds-Yehuda Sayag, which dropped by 11%. Shlomo Bichaci Diamonds showed no change from the 2012 figures, which stood at $40 million.



Old-New Firms

There are two new firms on the list that were not there last year, but did appear in 2011. The Kuperman Brothers Diamonds saw an increase of 12.3% with $64 million in exports in 2013, compared to $57 million in 2011. The Sigaldiem firm saw a major drop of $53.6% in exports, dropping from $69 million in 2011 to $32 million in 2013.


The Diamond Authority noted that the list does not include firms that did not wish their figures to be public knowledge.



No Company name $ M
1 Leo Schachter Diamonds 328
2 MID House of Diamonds 247
3 A.A. Rachminov Diamonds 210
4 Niru Diamonds 112
5 Ofer Mizrahi Diamonds 103
6 Andre Mesika 100
7 DN Diamonds 94
8 Yoshfe Diamonds International 91
9 Rosey Blue Sales 82
10 OSG Polishing 77
11 Royal Gem 76
12 Kuperman Brothers Diamonds 64
13 Poligem 61
14 Masingita 57
15 Rachminov Diamonds 53
16 Eshed-Diam 64
17 Eran Diamonds-Yehuda Sayag 42
18 Shlomo Bichaci Diamonds 40
19 Yoram Dvash Diamonds 37
20 Segaldiam 32


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