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Web Accessibility – Israel Diamond Institute Website

Update 30th of April 2019

The website of the Israel Diamond Institute (IDI) is managed by the IDI. The IDI was established in 1967 as a non-profit, public interest company, and its partners are the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE), the government, the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association, representatives of banks and more.



The IDI website was launched in 2004 in Hebrew, English, Russian and Chinese. The IDI website provides information and news on the Israeli diamond industry and the global diamond industry. The IDI website strives to be accessible to the general public, including people with disabilities, with the aim of promoting respect, equality and independence on the web.



IDI Website Accessibility
An accessible website enables people with disabilities and the elderly to browse the site with the same level of effectiveness and enjoyment.



Information of IDI’s Web Accessibility
The IDI website provides accessibility under the “Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Act” passed in 2013.



• The website has been made accessible according to Israeli Standard #5568 which forwards to guidelines published by W3C organization Document – WCAG2.0.
• The website is accessible for Firefox and Internet Explorer.
• The website provides a semantic structure for assistive technologies and support for standard keyboard pattern use, using the arrow keys, Enter and Esc for exiting menus and windows. Please click the Website Use tab to read more.
• Adapted for commonly used browsers and mobile phones.



Website Use and Assistive Tools
Clicking the banner on the homepage supports use of left and right arrow keys. Users may pause the banner by clicking the “Stop” button next to it.



In order to enjoy the screen reader, we recommend the use of the most recent NVDA version.



Contact Info
For any accessibility issues, please contact us through phone: 972-3-77515388, email: or the website contact form:



Please feel free to contact Web Accessibility Coordinator Orna Chait at: 972-3-7754621 or via email at: