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Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association

The Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association (IsDMA) was founded in 1940 by Oved Ben Ami, and it is the only diamond manufacturers organization in Israel. IsDMA represents about 200 diamond manufacturers responsible for 95% of the diamonds manufactured by the industry, which is one of the world’s three diamond processing centers. All of the manufacturing sectors in the industry as well as the owners of large manufacturing companies are members of the IsDMA, including sightholders and non-sightholders.


IsDMA’s supreme body is the General Assembly. Its policies are guided by its officeholders and institutions – the president, presidium, executive committee and other committees – which are chosen once every three years in direct democratic elections. The ongoing activity of the IsDMA is managed by its General Manager, the assistant general manager and administrative staff.


IsDMA represents diamond manufacturers and the entire industry in forums both in Israel and abroad where decisions which will impact on their activities are made. In Israel, the Association ensures the proper application of labor agreements and handles labor conditions, provides legal consultation, initiates legislation to promote the industry, promotes technological R&D and diamond trade, and initiates special events for the industry. On a global basis, the association initiates contact with rough diamond suppliers, represents the industry in meetings with the DTC, and serves as Israel’s representative at the International Diamond Manufacturers Association (IDMA), the World Diamond Council (WDC), and the Kimberley Process. It also deals in various other activities with the aim of promoting the

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