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The tennis bracelet, a classical piece that can be found in any reputable jewelry store today, is a relatively new “invention”. Until 1987, tennis bracelets were called eternity bracelets.


The term “tennis bracelet” was born by accident, and under unusual circumstances: during the US Open in 1987, world-ranked tennis champion Chris Evert asked for a break during the game. Apparently, her diamond bracelet snapped mid-game and fell. She looked for it for a while, and a new term was coined: the tennis bracelet.


Tennis bracelets are lightweight, flexible, and have a serpentine-like structure. Many of them are set with diamonds, and though they may differ in size, color and polishing grade, they are usually set with diamonds of the same size, set in a tight structure along the bracelet. The diamonds are held in place by a metal band. Sometimes, the bracelets are set with different colored gems.

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