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Polished Diamonds

Polished diamonds is a general term for diamonds that have undergone processing, without any connection to their size, shape or any other feature. Polished diamonds, which are graded according to four criteria (The Four C’s), are sold to retailers and customers. India is the world’s largest polishing center, while China, which has made giant steps in this area in the last two decades, is the second largest diamond polishing center. Israel is a global center for special cuts such as Princess, marquise, oval and others. These cuts demand high-level skill, which the Israeli polishers are known for.



Lucapa rough diamonds Angola
Credit: Lucapa


To the layman, Rough Diamonds do not even look like diamonds, but rather like shards of glass washed up on the beach. These diamonds are oily and dull. In order to bring out their beauty, they must first be cut and polished by a professional polisher. Although some of this work is currently accomplished through the use of computerized equipment, much of it is still done manually, using strict and meticulous techniques for the creation of polished diamonds.


diamond marking polisher polishing
Credit: IDI


Stages in Diamond Cutting


First, diamond cutters examine the rough stone, its internal and external construct, and decide how to maintain as much carat weight and quality from the rough as possible. The diamond is examined by an expert gemologist and expert cutter. It is also possible to scan the diamond in a specialized software to decide between several possible cuts. The diamond is then given for marking.


The next stage is sawing the diamonds, although not all diamonds are sawed but instead are transferred directly to the next stage in polishing. Sawing can be done manually using a diamond saw or laser for maximum precision.


diamond polisher
Credit: IDI

Next, the diamond facets are shaped in several stages, the first being… the last part to be polished is the collet.


The final stage is cleaning the diamond in acids. At each stage of the process, the diamond is inspected repeatedly to examine the quality of the work. The goal is to retain as much of the diamond weight as possible.


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