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Lucapa Rakes in $5.5 Million in First Diamond Sales of 2020

Diamonds from the prolific Lulo mine generated an average price per carat of $2,200
Lucapa big diamond angola
Credit: Lucapa

Lucapa Diamond Company has announced the results from its first 2020 sales of diamonds from the Lulo alluvial mine in Angola and the Mothae kimberlite mine in Lesotho.


lucapa mothae diamond Lesotho
Credit: Lucapa


Together, the sales generated gross proceeds of $5.5 million. A total of 1,548 carats of Lulo diamonds sold for $3.4 million, for an average price per carat of $2,200. A total of 6,306 carats of Mothae diamonds sold for gross proceeds of $2.1 million, for an average price per carat of $339.


Lucapa rough diamonds Angola
Credit: Lucapa


In 2019, Lucapa’s production yielded 49,120 carats – a record annual high for the company. Sales from the company’s Mothae kimberlite mine and the Lulo alluvial mine totaled $55 million in 2019.

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