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Starting the Year with a Bang: Lucapa Finds A 113-Carat Diamond at Lulo

To date, Lulo has produced 17 100+ carat diamonds
lucapa 113 carat rough diamond
Credit: Lucapa

The Lulo alluvial mine in Angola is the gift that keeps on giving, as Lucapa Diamond has announced the recovery of a 113-carat gem-quality white stone – the first +100ct diamond recovered from Mining Block 46, IDEX Online reports. To date, Lulo has produced 17 100+ carat diamonds.


127 carat rough diamond found in lulo by Lucapa
Credit: Lucapa


“It is particularly significant, as it shows that these large and high-value diamonds continue to occur right up to the current focus area of our kimberlite exploration programme”, Lucapa said. 


Lucara 130 carat diamond
Credit: Lucara


In mid-December 2020, Lucapa found two 100+ carat stones in the space of two days: A 127-carat white gem-quality diamond recovered from the leziria (flood plain) area in Mining Block 24 at Lulo, and an exceptional 101 carat white diamond recovered from Lucapa’s Mothae kimberlite diamond mine in Lesotho. 

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