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Lucapa Finds Two 100+ Diamonds in Two Days

Lulo and Mothae keep bringing the goods
127 carat rough diamond found in lulo by Lucapa
Credit: Lucapa

The prolific Lulo mine in Angola has procused yet another +100-carat diamond – its 16th since commercial operations began there five years ago, and the third +100 carat diamond recovered in 2020. 


The 127-carat white gem-quality diamond was recovered from the leziria (flood plain) area in Mining Block 24 – the first +100 carat diamond produced from this Mining Block.


Mothae kimberlite diamond project in Lesotho, southern Africa
Credit: Lucapa

Two days later, Lucapa announced it had found an exceptional 101 carat white diamond from its Mothae kimberlite diamond mine in Lesotho. The diamond is a D, Type IIa stone and is the fourth +100 carat diamond recovered from the southern lobe of the Mothae kimberlite pipe.


large rough diamond 101 carat from mothae mine by lucapa
Credit: Lucapa

Recently, Lucapa announced that a 46-carat pink coloured rough diamond recovered at Lulo – the largest ever pink gem to be unearthed at the mine – has been cut and polished to three diamonds, the biggest of which is a 15.2-carat heart-shaped diamond.

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