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Lucara Finds a Huge, 998-Carat White Diamond in Botswana

This is the second +500 carat diamond recovered from Karowe in 2020
lucara 998 carat white diamond
Credit: Lucara

Lucara Diamond has announced the recovery of “an unbroken 998 carat high white clivage diamond” from its Karowe mine in Botswana.


Botswana Map
Credit: Pincasso


In a press release, the miner said that the diamond measures 67x49x45mm. This is the second +500 carat diamond recovered in 2020. Year to date, Karowe has yielded 31 diamonds greater than 100 carats including ten diamonds greater than 200 carats, among them the 549-carat Sethunya, and the recently found 998-carat diamond.


Sethunya 549 carats diamond
Credit: Lucara


Earlier this month, Lucara announced that it has partnered with Louis Vuitton and European diamond manufacturing and technology company HB Antwerp to plan, cut and polish the exceptional, 549-carat white gem diamond known as “Sethunya” (Flower” in Setswana), found in Karowe in February. 

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