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Australia: Second Ever “Russian Doll” Diamond Discovered

The stone also possesses a “rare, purple fluorescence"
Yellow double diamond Matryoshka
Credit: IBDH

India Bore Diamond Holdings (IBDH) has unearthed the world’s second ever “Matryoshka” or “Russian doll” diamond, IDEX Online reports. The find was unearthed by India Bore Diamond Holdings (IBDH) in the southern part of the Ellendale alluvial deposit in Western Australia.


alrosa russia special diamond
Credit: Alrosa


According to the report, the “0.844-carat flat, triangular gem has a cavity that contains another tiny diamond, reckoned to be just 0.001-ct, which can freely roll around inside.” it also possesses a “rare, purple fluorescence.”


polished diamonds loupe
Credit: EgolenaHK /


The first Matryoshka diamond was unearthed by Alrosa in October 2019 at its Nyurba division in the Russian republic of Yakutia. The outer diamond weighs 0.62 carats (0.124 grams) and has maximum dimensions of 4.8 x 4.9 x 2.8 mm. The inner diamond has a tabular shape and dimensions of 1.9×2.1×0.6 mm.

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