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The Canadian miner has exceeded expectation despite "rough market"
Rough Diamonds
Credit: Alrosa

Canadian miner Stornoway Diamond Corp has reported that its production and sales results for the third quarter have exceeded expectation “despite a rough market correction at the end of the quarter”, according to Mining Weekly.


Production exceeded the plan by 5% at 442,154 carats for the third-quarter ended September. Stornoway held tenders of 438,632 carats during the quarter, generating gross proceeds of C$51.6 million at an average price of $94 per carat.


However, the company added that “despite the steady increase in pricing achieved during the course of the year on a quarter-by-quarter basis, it will likely not hit its average price forecast of $100/ct to $132/ct, given the outlook for the rough diamond market for the remainder of the year”.

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