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The Israel Diamond Pavilion, organized by the Israel Diamond Institute, will feature 27 exhibitors
JCK Las Vegas 2017
Credit: IDI

Ramat Gan, Israel, May 15, 2019: The Israeli Diamond Industry is busily preparing for the JCK Las Vegas show, the key exhibition for the gems and jewelry trade in the United States. Dozens of Israeli diamond companies have been planning for this event for months and are looking forward to a very good show. The United States is the Israeli Diamond Industry’s largest market for polished stones, accounting for close to half of Israel’s polished diamond exports.


The Israel Diamond Pavilion, organized by the Israel Diamond Institute (IDI) will this year feature 27 exhibitors. It will be located at Level 2 of the Diamond Plaza, with the IDI Booth and Lounge at its center, surrounded by the Israeli exhibitors. The lounge will serve refreshments throughout the day, as well as Get Diamonds terminals that enable buyers to search for goods among the Israeli exhibitors. The popular search engine is also accessible on smartphones.


JCK Israeli Diamond Pavilion
Credit: Iris Hortman


This year IDI will hold two Lucky Raffle Draws, on May 31 and June 2, for buyers who have purchased goods from the Israel Diamond Pavilion. Prizes will be exclusive gift cards for a leading hotel in Las Vegas. Only buyers who have bought goods on the day of the raffle are eligible to participate.


The Israel Diamond Pavilion will also feature a start-up in the field of augmented reality (AR), whose technology enables customers to virtually “try on” diamond rings and jewelry using computerized imaging. Inova is hosted at the Israel Diamond Exchange’s innovation center, Diamond Tech, which was established to marry the innovative creativity of Israel’s high tech industry and the tradition and talents of the Israeli diamond industry.


Las Vegas , Navada
Credit: Sky Sajjaphot

IDI Chairman Boaz Moldawsky said, “Since the US is our largest export market, JCK Las Vegas is an event that we look forward to every year. The US retail market is healthy and demand for jewelry is steady, so we are confident that this will be a very good show for our exhibitors”.

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