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Expert: LGD Prices Expected to Plummet Further by 80%

Lab-grown diamond prices, already a fraction of natural diamonds, could see an additional 80% decline, according to industry expert Cormac Kinney, CEO of Diamond Standard, IDEX Online reports. 


Since their mainstream introduction in 2018, the price gap between lab-grown and natural diamonds has expanded, with some lab-grown diamonds now priced at just 10% of their natural counterparts. Kinney believes there is still significant room for prices to drop, anticipating a further 50% to 80% reduction.


Kinney told Business Insider: “Fashion jewelry is always worth a small fraction of real jewelry

Only real is rare.” He added: “Jewelers tell me that a growing number of couples are coming one to three years into a marriage and replacing a synthetic stone with a smaller but real natural diamond.”


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US jewelry shoppers

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