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"Product of Love" campaign presents Israeli firms to thousands of buyers online


Every successful brand has an amazing story, one that manages to talk to people and penetrate their heart. A successful story creates an emotional connection with the brand, which may, like diamonds, last forever.


The Diamond Institute keeps promoting Israeli diamond dealers in all fronts: New videos and spectacular photos were posted in the last week in the Instagram channel of the Israeli Diamond Institute, which presents Israeli diamond dealers every day, for over 12,000 buyers and users from around the world, as part of the “Israeli Diamond & Jewelry Design – Product of Love” campaign. During the last weeks, a sharp and consistent increase was registered in the number of followers, thanks to the campaign.


Each and every company that participates in the campaign gains hundreds of views, likes and comments, including on the Israel Diamond Institute’s facebook page, with over 43 thousand followers. From now on, the campaign will be expended to the Youtube channel as well, and will expose the Israeli diamond dealers to many other users and buyers.


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