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Alrosa Combines Diamond Cutting and Polishing into a Single Framework

Alrosa plans to integrate all its facilities to a new production framework in 2021
Underground diamond mining miners
Credit: Alrosa

Russian mining giant Alrosa has begun to combine its cutting and polishing facilities into  a “single production framework”, according to a press release.


diamond mining trucks Russia
Credit: Alrosa


Today, Alrosa has three cutting and polishing facilities across the country, all together responsible for more than a half of diamond cutting and polishing in Russia. Under the new plan, they are expected to form a single organisational and legal structure in 2021 for two purposes: “One, to make sure that diamond output is allocated more efficiently among the sites;  and second, to facilitate the sharing of practices”. 


Underground diamond mining Russia
Credit: Alrosa


Alrosa has appointed Dmitry Amelkin as Transformation Director of the company’s Polishing Division in the spring of this year, and he will lead the integration process. He will also head Kristall – the company’s largest polishing facility, based in Smolensk. 

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