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Four Arrested in Antwerp Over Smuggling Russian Diamonds

In Antwerp, four men have been arrested for allegedly smuggling Russian diamonds into the EU, a violation of regulations implemented since January 1, 2024. According to an unconfirmed  report from the Times of India quoted by IDEX Online, the Belgian public prosecutor’s office initiated an inquiry following the confiscation of diamond shipments by Customs in late February.


According to the report, law enforcement seized rough diamonds valued to the tune of $24 million from various locations. At least three Indian traders were detained, and claimed that rough diamonds from Russia were being misrepresented as originating from another country.


The Belgian public prosecutor’s office stated that the Federal Judicial Police (FGP) Antwerp conducted six searches in Antwerp and nearby Edegem on March 20th. During these operations, four individuals were arrested, and authorities confiscated documents and digital devices. The individuals arrested have not been named, and the judicial investigation remains ongoing.



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