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The diamond achieved “one of the highest prices per carat for such a stone in recent years”
Firebird yellow diamond graff alrosa
Credit: Alrosa

Graff Diamonds has bought a 20.69-carat diamond, called “Firebird”, from Alrosa for “one of the highest prices per carat for such a stone in recent years”, according to a press release. The price was not disclosed by the parties.


graff alrosa Firebird diamond
Credit: Alrosa


The Yellow Asscher-cut stone was graded as Fancy Vivid Yellow of “excellent polish and symmetry” by the GIA. According to Alrosa, the diamond “resembles a simultaneous ensemble of flame, reflections of sunlight on crystal water and a trail of sparkles coming from the tail of a Firebird”. John King, GIA Chief Quality Officer, added that “it is extremely rare and very special in the world of diamonds to see unique yellow diamond like this”. The Firebird was cut from the 34.17-carat “Stravinsky” diamond, found in Yakutia in 2017.


big yellow fancy diamond
Credit: Alrosa


The Firebird is a part of “The Spectacle” diamond collection, dedicated to the Russian ballet. The collection features two more diamonds, one of them being the “Spirit of the Rose”, a 14.8-carat Fancy Vivid Purple-Pink stone.

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