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India: More Than 4k Register to Surat Diamond Bourse

The (SDB) is expected to open later this year
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The Surat Diamond Bourse (SDB) in India is currently under construction and expected to open later this year. Meanwhile, according to Rough & Polished, Surat “is attracting a large number of diamond traders and professionals working in the industry.”


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Approximately 4,350 businessmen and professionals got registered in the SDB and membership in Surat Diamond Association (SDA) also spiked. According to industry leaders mentioned in the piece, “the rise […] is mainly due to the rule that those willing to buy property in SDB were required to have membership in any of the diamond industry bodies.”


Credit: Hemant meena


In other India-related news, exports of gold jewelry grew 50% year-on-year to $8807.50 million in 2021, according to another report in Rough & Polished.

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