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Sarine: “MVP” Software to Boost Polished Diamond Value by 5%

Israel-based diamond tech company Sarine claims that its new planning software will revolutionize the process of rough diamond planning, potentially adding up to 5% to the value of the resulting polished stone, IDEX Online reports.


Named Most Valuable Planning (MVP), this fully-automated cloud-based service will be introduced as an optional feature for Sarine’s Advisor 8.0 rough planning software package. The service will be offered on a per-use basis, aiming to enhance the precision of the planning process. Initially designed for diamonds under 0.50 carats, MVP is slated for expansion to cover the 50-90 points range later in 2024, with further extensions planned for 2025.


The company describes MVP as a game-changer, and expects it to generate a recurring revenue stream from its adoption over time, to drive additional sales of its Galaxy Meteorite Plus software and o to make illegally infringed IP systems less attractive.


Sarine’s CEO, David Block, said: “The MVP is a development we have been working on for years, which has now reached maturity due also to advances in cloud computing. We are already running demos in India and have a backlog of interested customers through the end of the quarter and into Q2.”


sarine technology diamond technologies

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