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Sarine Technologies Opens Rough Diamond Center in Dubai

Sarine: "Dubai is now likely to emerge as the world's top trading hub for rough diamonds"
sarine technologies diamond lab
Credit: Sarine Technologies

Following Israel’s historic normalization agreements with the UAE, Israel-based diamond tech company Sarine has announced that it is opening a rough diamond scanning centre in Dubai.


dmcc dubai diamonds metals
Credit: DMCC


The center will be operated by diamond service provider Trigem DMCC under license from Galatea, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sarine. According to IDEX Online, both sides will split the per carat service fees.


Sarine Galaxy Service Center
Credit: Sarine Technologies


According to Sarine, “Dubai is now likely to emerge as the world’s top trading hub for rough diamonds, second to none”. David Zabinsky, CEO of Trigem DMCC, commented: “UAE-based diamond dealers and tender houses will finally have access to Sarine’s Galaxy rough diamond scanning, the world’s most innovative and impactful diamond technology. “We are honoured to partner with Sarine in order to bring the pride of Israel’s diamond sector to the Emirates”.

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