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Mining Canada: The Story of Dominion Diamonds

Dominion Diamond Co. is a Canadian diamond mining company with ownership interests in the two biggest diamond producing minds in the country: the Ekati Diamond Mine (in which it owns an 88.9% controlling interest) and the Diavik Diamond Mine (in which it owns a 40% controlling interest). According to its website, Dominion is the world’s third largest producer of rough diamonds by value.


The Diavik Diamond Mine is North America’s most profitable diamond mine. It has one of the world’s highest ore grades, and the global diamond industry regards the stones as high quality in terms of color and clarity. In mid-January, 2016, Dominion reported that it plans to recover 7 million carats from Diavik in 2016. Diamonds recovered in the year 2015 reached 6.4 million carats, which was 9% lower than the company’s original plan of 7.0 million carats for the year.


Ekati is Canada’s first diamond mine, located some 100 kilometers south of the North Pole and 300 kilometers north of Yellowknife, the mining city. Ekati’s annual diamond sales amount to 3% in weight and 6% in value of the overall global annual sales of rough diamonds



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