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Since it was formed in 1992 as the post-Communist successor firm of Soviet Union state-owned diamond companies, Alrosa has been the largest diamond miner in Russia.


It is still one-third owned by the Russian state, although in April 2013, plans for the government to sell 7% out of the 32% of Alrosa stock that it owns were announced.


In recent months, Alrosa has stabilized its revenue sources by signing long-term diamond supply agreements to manufacturers in markets in both the United States and China.


In addition to its mining activities across the Russian Federation, Alrosa also mines diamonds in the African nations of Angola and Namibia.


This month, the president of the Yakutia Republic, where Alrosa mining and logistical operations are located, stated that the firm would become the largest diamond company in the world by 2018.


On top of its diamond operations, Alrosa also extracts oil, natural gas and gold, in Russia and Kazakhstan.


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