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Graff Diamonds

By sheer quantity, over the course of the last half-century, Graff Diamonds may have dealt with more diamonds and other precious gems than any other diamond dealer in the world. In addition to the vast quantity of diamonds it has handled, Graff is also active across a wide spectrum of diamond industry activities, from rough diamond cutting and polishing to jewelry manufacturing to retail sales at dozens of stores.

The company’s founder Lawrence Graff established his first store in 1962 in the Hatton Garden area of London. Graff quickly made a name for himself selling gems to wealthy individuals, particularly the nouveau riche of the Middle East, including the Sultan of Brunei and Prince Turki bin Abdul Aziz. Over the years, Graff has made it a point to acquire some of the most fantastic polished diamonds made available.

These include the 132-carat Paragon, the 224-carat Lesotho Promise (603 carats before being cut), the 493-carat Letseng Legacy, the 100-carat Star of America and the 40-carat Sun King.

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