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The Moussaieff Red Diamond the $7 Million Wonder

Although this diamond’s history is relatively uneventful – discovered in the 1990s by a Brazilian farmer in the Abaetezinho River, then purchased and cut by the William Goldberg Diamond Corporation – The Moussaieff Red Diamond still manages to capture and enthrall by its sheer beauty and extravagance.



Purchased in the early 2000s by Israeli-born jewelry dealer Shlomo Moussaieff, the Moussaieff Red Diamond (formerly known as the Red Shield Diamond) is a Fancy Red that measures 5.11 carats with a triangular brilliant cut. It is the world’s largest known red diamond, worth an estimated $7 million dollars. This red wonder is among the top ten most expensive diamonds in the world.



The diamond was lent by Moussaieff to the Smithsonian Institution in 2003 and displayed as part of the “The Splendor of Diamonds” exhibit, alongside such beauties as the Heart of Eternity, the Allnatt Diamond and the Steinmetz Pink.

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