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Black diamond engagement rings

If you’ve hear about a black diamond engagement ring, it doesn’t mean that the ring in question contains only black diamonds, but rather that the centerpiece diamond or diamonds is or are black, but the piece may and often will include the presence of other precious gems in an arrangement surrounding the premiere stone.

Black diamonds are considered to be uniquely different among gems, and so it is only logical that as Western culture continues on a trajectory towards greater and greater individualism, people

seek out ways of expressing their love for their life partner-to-be that are slightly different. The choice of a black diamond allows one to participate in a long-standing tradition while still signifying one’s extraordinariness.

In the first Sex and the City film, Big proposed to Carrie with a black diamond engagement ring. In the real world, last Christmas house music producer deadmau5 proposed to her girlfriend Kat Von D with a spectacular gothic-style black diamond engagement ring.

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