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Color Groups in Diamonds

It is customary to divide the colors of rough and polished diamonds into two categories, regular colors and special colors.


Regular colors


The group of regular colors includes transparent, colorless (called white), up to bright yellow and even bright browns. The various hues of bright yellow are the most common in nature due to conditions and processes that occurred at the time of their creation.



Special colors


Especially strong colors, Fancy colors. This group includes strong yellows and the special hues that emerge from the yellows, such as golden, orange, greenish-yellow and the special colors: the various greens, the pinks, the reds, the purples and the deep browns.


Colors origin


The special colors results from the penetration of foreign elements and chemical compounds into the body of the interior of the diamond at the time of its creation in greater proportions that in regular diamonds, which causes certain hues to be swallowed up and other hues to be intensified.

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