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Fancy Diamonds

Fancy diamonds are rough or polished diamonds with special colors. The diamond’s colors are the result of a number of optical characteristics of the light rays that pierce the diamond and the combination of alien chemical compounds found in the diamond.

The color white is the perfect balance of all the colors of the rainbow: indigo, violet, blue, green, yellow, orange and red, and therefore the amount of clear white diamonds is very small.

The diamond’s color is created when there are foreign materials and chemical compounds that pierce its body as it is being formed. These are what cause the absorption of some of the colors. When the balance is upset, instead of a white color, it takes on a different color. Most diamonds in the world do not have a clear white color and they tend to have hues that range on the color spectrum from yellowish white to bright yellow or dark yellow.

When dividing them into categories, they are sorted into two groups. One group is regular colors: these are the majority of diamonds and their colors range from very clear white to the yellow hues.

The special colors – fancy colors – are all the colors that are not the regular colors. Some of these are sharp, clear colors – blue, green, pink, purple, orange and very deep yellows – and some of them are mixed colors, like purplish pink, brownish red, greenish yellow, orangey yellow, and others.

Diamonds with special colors are rare and at high clarity levels they are very expensive.

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