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Lao Feng Xiang is one of the oldest Chinese jewelry brands in existence, spanning more than 160 years. The first Lao Feng Xiang Jewelry Shop opened in 1848 in Shanghai, and was named Feng Xiang Jewelry Shop.


Unlike most jewelry company names, which usually derive from their founders’ names, Lao Feng Xiang’s name consists of three Chinese characters representing the Phoenix, which symbolizes rebirth. The company’s HQ is located in Shanghai, and it is traded on the Shanghai bourse.


Over the years, Lao Feng Xiang expanded to include 3000 stores across China, as well as stores in Australia, Canada and the US.


The Lao Feng Xiang Group owns several companies, including a center for polishing diamonds, a jewelry brand, a research center dedicated to jewelry, a company dedicate to jade stones including jade-set jewelry and jade-made items, a cutlery company, a company that manufactures silver jewelry and home décor, and an auction house. The company also manufactures gold jewelry and gold jewelry set with diamonds and gems.


Lao Feng Xiang targets a wide range of audiences, offering a wide variety of prices and designs for all ages. The company keeps to a Chinese inspired style in its designs. The color red, for example, is often highlighted. The company’s designers combine rubies, rubellites, red corals and other materials other than gems which are red in color in their designs.

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