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Vintage Diamond Rings: It’s the Style that Matters

While antique rings are usually 50-plus years old, vintage rings – including vintage diamond rings – represent a particular style of a specific design era. According to Everything Wedding Rings, a ring that displays the characteristics of the Art Nouveau artistic period can be therefore considered vintage and antique at the same time.

There are various stunning styles to browse through, if you’re looking for a vintage diamond ring: There’s the decadence of the Edwardian style, early 20th century; Art Nouveau – from the turn of the century – is a style characterized by depictions of nature, while Art Deco (the 20s and 30s) is known for its geometric patterns and classical motifs. A retro style diamond ring will sometimes combine between eras. Rings made from the 1930s to the 1950s feature, therefore, will feature geometric designs with movement.

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