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Diamonds are forever and it is a tradition to get engaged with a diamond engagement ring that symbolizes eternal love.
Yellow Diamond ring by Leibish
Credit: Leibish & Co.

The Israel Diamond Institute portal is proud to present a wide assortment of diamond engagement rings from a selection of Israel’s leading diamond companies:

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Shakaroff Boutique Jewelers – 


Located in the Israel Diamond Exchange complex, Shakaroff Boutique Jewelers manufactures and designs limited-edition jewelry collections. Costumers are invited to design their own custom-made piece with the aid of the professional cutter and designers at Shakaroff.


The image depicts a white gold engagement ring with an invisible setting.


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Shakaroff Diamond ring
Credit: Shakaroff Boutique Jewelers

KGH Diamonds – 


KGH Diamonds is a veteran manufacturer of pearl jewelry and findings. Their collection also includes clasps, earrings and engagement rings.


Manufacturing and design are done in-house, using top-quality material while keeping to the highest industry standards.The company has a showroom in the Israel Diamond Exchange Complex.


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KGH Diamonds and Pearl ring
Credit: KGH Diamonds

Leibish&Co. Fancy Color Diamonds –


Leibish Fancy Color Diamonds is a family company specializing in the manufacturing and trading of fancy natural color diamonds.


The company purchases the diamonds from mines around the world. In addition, the company manufactures and designs diamond jewelry set with white diamonds.


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Leibish Fancy Intense Yellow Cushion Diamond Double Halo Ring
Credit: Leibish & Co.

Majestic Jewelry –


Majestic Jewelry specializes in original, unique jewelry designs. Roni Stschik, jewelry designer and third-generation diamantaire, is the founder and managing director of Majestic Jewelry.


All designs are created with the aid of innovative techniques and cutting-edge technology, and offer invisibly set diamond jewelry highlighting the brilliant and beauty of the stones. The company has offices in the Israel Diamond Exchange Complex.


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Majestic Diamond ring
Credit: Majestic Jewelry

Lily Diamonds –


Lily Diamonds, a member of the Israel Diamond Bourse, specializes in innovative special cuts and manufactures diamond jewelry tat combines Lily’s exceptional diamonds with natural color diamonds.


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Lily Diamond ring
Credit: Lily Diamonds

Kristal Diamonds –


Kristal Diamonds is a veteran diamond manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience in the diamond industry.


The company exhibits in jewelry shows around the world. Kristal Diamonds has developed its own collection of diamond jewelry, and offers its customers high-quality diamonds and diamond jewelry on its website.


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Kristal's Three Diamonds ring
Credit: Kristal Diamonds

The Yakubov Group –


The Yakubov Group designs a variety of engagement rings, solitaire rings, earrings and more.


The image features a white gold engagement ring set with a center stone and surrounded by small round diamonds. The Yakubov Group has a store in the Israel Diamond Exchange Complex.


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Yakubov's Diamond ring
Credit: Yakubov Group

Unison Gemstones –


Unison Gemstones specializes in the design and manufacturing of complex Invisible jewelry – hiding the mounting and highlighting the diamonds set within.


Unison Gemstones’ factory and showroom are located in the Israel Diamond Exchange Complex.



Yunison's Diamond ring
Credit: Yunison Gemstones

Tovi Farber –


Tovi Farber designs unique pieces of jewelry – earrings, rings, bracelets and more – specializing in 18k gold pieces set with diamonds and gems.


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Engagement rings design by Tovi Farber
Credit: Tovi Farber

 Savransky Jewelry –


Hanan Savransky manufactures and designs jewelry items set with high-quality white and colored diamonds.


This three-stone diamond engagement features a center round diamond and two diamonds in a drop setting. This ring is part of a collection series called “The Three Stones”. Savransky Jewelry has a showroom in the Israel Diamond Exchange Complex.


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Engagement rings design by Hanan Savransky
Credit: Savransky Jewelry

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