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When It Comes to Eternal Values: Israeli Diamond Industry

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The Israeli diamond industry is a story of tradition and innovation interweaved in the history of the Jewish people.


With the establishment of the state of Israel, the industry started growing along with the young state and has not stopped conquering new heights ever since.


With thousands of diamond traders and polishers working with dedication, professionalism and credibility maintaining and improving the tradition one generation after another.


The knowledge that accumulated worldwide, from trading the rough diamonds, to polishing and inlaying, and designing unique jewelry that appeals to client tastes from around the world, have become the spearhead of Israeli industry.


The Start-Up Nation has managed to introduce state-of-the-art technologies to the diamond industry.


Enabling accuracy and efficiency, and have turned each stone into a work of art.


The Israeli Diamond Exchange is a mecca for numerous diamond dealers, who come here to learn from the very best, to make secure and profitable deals, and to see with their own eyes the dream become a glamorous reality.


Hundreds of years of tradition being passed on from father to son, millions of happy moments, that we have been a part of, together with you.


We worked to bring joy around the world during the holidays, at weddings, on birthdays. Just like we pass on our secrets and tradition from one generation to another, we have ensured that also our craft represents the same values that you will also pass on throughout the generations.


Because when it comes to eternal values, we are here for you.


The Israeli diamond industry.



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