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“Jewelry Making: Past & Present” is now open at the Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem
ancient head decoration morocco
Credit: Shay Ben Efraim

A new exhibition called “Jewelry Making: Past & Present” is now open at the Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem. The exhibition, which runs to November 16, 2019, provides “s dialogue between the museum’s permanent collection and the contemporary interpretations by 45 artists and jewellers”, according to the museum.


Jewellery islamic


The exhibition features the museum’s permanent collection – Islamic jewellery and artefacts dating from the 7th century – as well as the contemporary interpretations by 45 Israeli artists and jewellers. Each artist, the museum explained, gave his or her own interpretation to the ancient art objects. For example, Artist Rill Greenfeld took a Moroccan fertility amulet dated from the 19th century and used it as inspiration for a contemporary fertility amulet which utilizes birth control pills in its design and purpose.


Jewellery islamic


Nadim Sheiban, Director of The Museum for Islamic Art, explained that the exhibition “is a manifestation of the Museum’s mission to act as a cultural bridge and to create dialogue between the different religions present in Jerusalem. The exhibition takes this idea further by giving a contemporary outlook on issues and ideas that have been and continue to be, an integral part of religious and social life […]”.

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