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Canada’s Ekati: Mine Must Expand to Secure Its Future

The Arctic Canadian Diamond Company is looking for approval to drain a nearby lake
Ekati Diamond Mine Panda Pit
Credit: Newscast

The Arctic Canadian Diamond Company, which operates Canada’s Ekati mine, are looking for approval to drain a nearby lake and dig three kimberlite pipes, IDEX Online reports. The expected lifespan of Ekati is currently until 2028.


Ekati Diamond Mine
Credit: Dominion Diamond Corporation


This, the company says, “is crucial to securing the future of the mine and to filling a gap in production that would otherwise see the mine temporarily shut down.” A final decision is expected in March 2022.


Aerial prospecting, Canada
Credit: Photograph reproduced with kind permission of De B


Ekati, until recently owned by Dominion Diamonds, was purchased by The Arctic Canadian Diamond Company in February 2021,. The mine resumed operations in January after a ten-month Covid-enforced closure.

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