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71% of the couples chose to have a diamond as the main stone
Lea Michele engagement diamond ring
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WeddingWire has published what it calls “the largest study of today’s wedding planning journey”, analyzing data from over 18,000 newlyweds married in 2018 in the US.


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According to WeddingWire, the average cost of an engagement ring was $5,000. 20% of the respondents picked their ring together. 71% of the couples chose to have a diamond as the main stone in the ring. About 50% purchased their ring less than two months before proposing, and about 50% purchase their rings in a brick and mortar store. 52% of millenials sent photos of their ring to friends and family, and 64% posted pictures on social-media sites.


Engagement diamond ring millennials
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According to WeddingWire, “Today’s millennial couples are opting to make their engagement a highly shared experience, and even if the moment is a private one (nearly one in three engagements take place at home), the reality is a picture, story, view of the ring — or all the above — will be shared on social media for all to see within a few hours”.

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