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5 new videos and almost 10,000 followers on Instagram
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As part of our services to our readers on the Israeli Diamond Portal, we are excited to update you on our digital marketing activities on behalf of Israeli diamond companies and the natural diamond industry.


This past week, the Israel Diamond Institute (IDI) has launched five new short Instagram videos on Israel-made diamonds and diamond jewellery. These videos were also uploaded to IDI’s website and other social platforms – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – where they raked in thousands of views and many comments and shares.


Watch our last 5 Instagram videos:



In case you missed it, last week we published a short video about Israeil diamond polishing and jewelry design.


Watch the video:



This weekly update will now become a fixed feature on our website to make sure you are always kept up-to-date with our most recent marketing activities and campaigns.


In the coming weeks, IDI’s campaign will push forward with more activities on its different platforms, including the upcoming HKJMA show in Hong Kong, to be held this week. Make sure to follow us!



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