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A 500-Diamond Painting Shatters Price Expectations

The painting went for $87K - almost ten times its estimates
abstract diamond painting
Credit: Instagram/GenesistheGreykid

An abstract painting that incorporates 500 polished diamonds, made by an American artist nicknamed Genesis the Greykid, sold for $87,000 at Phillips London. The painting went for almost ten times its estimates, IDEX Online reports. The highest estimate was $9,700.


rough diamonds diamcor Africa
Credit: Diamcor Mining


37-year-old Genesis the Greykid (real name Russell McGee Jr), from Chattanooga, Tennessee, “started using diamonds in his work when the pandemic struck”. The painting, dubbed “Computer Love”, incorporates acrylic, latex and diamond dust on canvas and was sold to an anonymous buyer.


Rough Diamond
Credit: Erwin Niemand


According to the report, McGee Jr. sourced 500 hand-cut round diamonds, “each with a minimum of 17 facets, from London jeweler Jack Moore.”

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