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Airport Save: JFK Employee Finds Lost Diamond for Distraught Bride

A frantic search for a diamond ended happily for the honeymooners
lost diamond ring jfk airport
Credit: Transportation Security Administration

A New York couple on their way to their honeymoon hit the news recently after being reunited with the diamond that fell from the bride’s ring – making one JFK employee the hero of the day, IDEX Online reports.


engagement ring diamond couple
Credit: Look Studio /


The couple realized that the diamond was missing before they boarded their flight to Guam, an island in the Western Pacific, and had no choice but to stop the frantic search after it. Luckily, TSA (Transportation Security Administration) officer John Killian spotted the gem on the floor at a checkpoint, between a metal detector and an X-ray machine. The distraught couple received a text message and voicemail as they landed to say the diamond had been found.


diamond engagement ring coupl
Credit: Syda Productions /


Killian said: “The shine caught my eye. I was like, ‘wow, I just found this diamond!'”. Amir Khan Durrani, the husband, said in an interview: “My wife was crying hysterically as we did not know what happened, nor did we know how to approach the situation. Thank you so much to all the staff present and especially to officer John Killian. I might not ever meet you, but you had an impact on us at that moment and I will never forget it”.



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