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Belgian Company Promises to Chart Diamond Journey with QR Codes

iTraceiT claims the tech provides a "traceability solution" for the whole industry
iTraceiT diamonds qr code
Credit: iTraceiT

A Belgian tech company called iTraceiTsays it has developed a new tech that uses QR codes to record every step in a diamond‘s journey, IDEX Online reports. 


rough diamonds diamcor Africa
Credit: Diamcor Mining


iTraceiT, which claims the development provides a “traceability solution” for the whole industry, is currently working in pilot stages, and says it will launch globally later this year. According to the report, every rough stone “will be assigned a QR code that records all processes performed on it along the pipeline from mine to finger.”


diamcor rough diamond Africa
Credit: Diamcor Mining


According to iTraceiT, its technology will be an “industry-wide, independent, user-friendly and totally secure tool for the complete authentication of diamonds of all sizes.”

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