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Disneyland Apologizes for Employee’s Engagement Ring Snatching Debacle

A park employee disrupted a marriage proposal by grabbing the ring
disneyland proposal engagement ring
Credit: Youtube

Last week, Disneyland Paris came under (mostly online) fire after a park employee disrupted a marriage proposal by snatching the engagement ring from the guest’s hands, and then ushering the stunned couple off the platform.


In the video, the employee is seen rushing in between the couple, grabbing the engagement ring box out of the man’s hand, and then guiding the couple off the platform – which had a romantic view of the Sleeping Beauty Castle – and towards a metal gate. The man then tells the employee, “she said yes,”, while pointing to the female park employee who allowed them to use the platform for the purpose. The male employee then replied: “Yes, that’s great but over here will be even better.”


As expected, the video quickly became viral, and the park employee was slammed for his interference. Shortly afterwards, a Disney spokesperson told Newsweek: “We regret how this was handled, we have apologized to the couple involved and offered to make it right.”


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