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FCRF: Prices of Fancy Color Diamond Exhibit “Slower Growth” in Q2 2023

The Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF) announced the results of the Q2 2023 Fancy Color Diamond Index (FCDI), showing a “slower growth”, with an increase of just 0.5%, IDEX Online reports.


Yellow diamonds rose 6.5% across all categories, while pinks were up 0.2% and blues rose by 0.6%. Fancy color diamonds again “out-performed white diamonds, which saw prices fall 3.5% during the quarter.”


Board member Eden Rachminov said: “The first six months of 2023 were intriguing. We experienced notable spikes in certain sub-categories within the yellow category, particularly in the intense and vivid grades with a high inner-grade. Meanwhile, the blue and pink categories remained stable. If the world economy continues to maintain its positive momentum, we can anticipate a robust price behavior after the summer.”


fancy color diamonds prices
fancy color diamonds prices

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