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Frosted diamonds have a translucent film, and at first sight may look like small hail stones
Frosted Rough Diamond
Credit: Sergei Lazon

Frosted rough diamonds have a translucent film, and at first sight they may look like small hail stones. This does not mean they are of lower quality. They are mainly found in river beds, beaches and ancient estuaries through alluvial mining.


Frosted diamonds undergo a long journey through the years, constantly rubbing against each other and against river rocks. The diamonds that make it through carry these “road bumps” are round in shape, their journey making them look slightly coarse, “frozen” and translucent.


The diamond’s translucent film males it tricky to see the inside of the stone. Therefore, before polishing, tiny “windows” are opened on the surface to examine the stone’s clarity and locate possible inclusions. Despite this, these diamonds are considered to have a sound crystal structure due to their years-long journey through the rivers.


Courtesy of Shalom Lissitzky, author of Diamonds: A Lexicon of Diamond World Technology

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