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Jail Time for Gang Responsible for $34 Million Jewellery Robbery

The three men responsible for the highest-value house burglary in Britain
Formula One Heiress Tamara Ecclestone
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Jugoslav Jovanovic, 24, Alessandro Maltese, 45, and Alessandro Donati, 44 – part of a gang responsible for the highest-value house burglary in Britain – have received substantial jail time at Isleworth Crown Court, London, recently.


thief jewelry vault robbery
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The three men pleaded guilty to stealing diamonds, jewelry and cash to the tune of $34 million from the home of Formula One heiress Tamara Ecclestone in 2019. The home in Kensington Palace, London, was empty at the time of the robbery. 


thief diamond jewelry robbery
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The three men, all Italian citizens, were extradited and pleaded guilty to conspiracy to burgle.  Jovanovic was jailed for 11 years, Maltese and Donati for eight years and nine months each. Most of their loot is still missing, as well as a  fourth gang member, “who is the subject of an international manhunt.”

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