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Russian Company Makes Record Breaking HPHT Diamond

A 16.04-carat synthetic was made by the Russian company Advanced Synthetic Research Center. Dubbed “the largest and cleanest lab-grown HPHT diamond in the world,” the stone was certified by the Gemological Laboratory of the Moscow State University, according to Rough & Polished.  


The 16.04-carat stone, named “Champion”, was produced at the plant located in Sestroretsk city from an uncut diamond weighing 50.39 carats (20.79 x 19.10 mm). According to Eduard Gorodetsky, General Director of the Research Center, the diamond grew for a little more than 400 hours (17 days).


According to the report, the “Champion” has a clarity of VS1, color D, and “was not subjected to post-growth processing and belongs to the category of pure HPHT diamond.”


Synthetic rough diamonds
Credit: Sergei Lazon

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