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Sarine: AutoScan™ System for Testing Rough Traceability is Now in Beta Stage

The system acquires high volumes of rough diamonds
Sarine Service Center
Credit: Sarine

Israel-based diamond tech company Sarine has begun beta testing of its new AutoScanTM system, “an innovative robotic system for acquiring high volumes of rough diamonds,” Rough & Polished reports.


According to the company, the Sarine AutoScan system provides “the optimal solution to truly enable the scalability of diamond traceability.” Operators can pour parcels of rough diamonds into one of the device’s input bins, and the system “will scan and weigh each one of the stones rapidly and accurately and then aggregate them back into their original parcels.”


David Block, CEO of Sarine, commented: “[…] The Sarine AutoScanTM system is an important additional step in our full traceability solution and enables us to provide not only the most comprehensive verifiable database solution, but also to do so in a truly scalable manner with minimal operational overhead, costs or delay.”


Sarine diamond Technologies software
Credit: Sarine Technologies

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