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Sarine Launches Sustainability Tracker for Each Individual Diamond

Israeli diamond tech company Sarine Technologies has announced the launch of CarbonVERO, a “groundbreaking offering” that tracks the energy consumption and carbon emissions of each individual diamond, from its rough state to its polished form, according to a press release by the company.


The solution, a result of a collaboration between Sarine, diamond manufacturer and trader Andre Messika Ltd., and The Carbon Trust, “a renowned authority in carbon emissions assessment,” will be available  to clients through Sarine’s Diamond Journey traceability platform


According to the announcement, CarbonVERO is able to measure the environmental impact of each stage of the cutting and polishing process in a rough diamond manufacturing facility. In addition, Andre Messika will be implementing CarbonVERO “for all its Namibian sourced diamonds, enabling insights into the carbon impact of the supply chain.”


CEO of Sarine, David Block, said that this “innovative initiative” adds “an additional layer of transparency to the diamond industry, providing crucial information about the energy consumed and CO2 emitted during the diamond’s formative processes […]”.


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