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Tech Company Develops New Diamond Laser-Inscription

The new PermaScribe can apply an inscription within any area of the faceted diamond
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PhotoScribe Technologies, a US based tech company, has launched a new product that promises laser inscriptions below the diamond’s surface that “cannot be removed without dramatically altering the stone,” IDEX Online reports.


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According to PhotoScribe Technologies, the subsurface technology used was developed some years ago but was “a solution looking for a problem”. The new PermaScribe product “can apply an inscription within any area of the faceted diamond – either visible or invisible under 10x loupe”, according to the report.


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In a press release, the company said: “The recent emergence of synthetic diamonds and a growing concern about counterfeiting have spurred an increase in demand for a solution (to tracking diamonds). For the lab-grown diamond industry, there’s a need for visible subsurface permanent identification that can be seen through a 10x loupe.”

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