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UK: 70-Year-Old Almost Throws Away $3 Million Diamond

The woman found the gem while she was cleaning her house
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Credit: Featonby’s Auctioneers

A 70-year-old British woman almost threw away a 3 million diamond after mistaking the gem for a fake, according to news reports.


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Credit: EgolenaHK /


The Northumberland woman found the gem when she was cleaning her home, but couldn’t remember where or when she had bought it. Since the precious diamond lay in a box with low-value pieces of jewelry, the woman mistook it for a fake. She was about to throw it in the trash when, reportedly, an alert neighbor suggested she take it to Featonby’s Auctioneers in North Shields to be appraised.


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Credit: Bjoern Wylezich /


After sending the stone to Featonby’s London-based partners, it was happily identified as a 34- carat diamond valued at approximately $2,741,520. It will go to auction on November 30.

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