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Katia Diamond Unveiled

The Jewelry Exchange, one of the largest direct diamond importers in the US, has recently acquired a large exceptional diamond – a stunning 50.11 carat gem. The diamond is purported to have come from Siberia in northern Russia, an area which usually generates much smaller diamonds, typically less than a half carat in weight.


Intrigued by its rare size, The Jewelry Exchange and sent it to a reclusive diamond cutter in Antwerp, known as Roy Fuux. Fuux cut the diamond to reveal what the company calls a “gleaming masterpiece”: the cushion-cut diamond sat within the center of the immense rough diamond stone “like the innermost doll of a matryoshka set; the instantly recognizable Russian nesting dolls— wooden figurines that open to reveal similar smaller figures placed inside, that in turn also open to contain even smaller figures, and so on and so forth, one inside the other”.


The Jewelry Exchange consequently named the diamond “Katya” after the protagonist of the children’s book ‘The Magic Nesting Doll’. In its website, the company values the asking price for the Katia at $2,297,000.

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