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Perth Mint Issues Gold Coins set with Argyle Pink Diamonds

The Jewelled Koi collection consists of only eight coins
jewelled koi pink diamonds australia
Credit: Perth Mint

The government-run Perth Mint together with Rio Tinto has unveiled a new collection of gold coins set with 78 pink diamonds from the iconic Argyle mine in Australia, according to the company’s website.


jewelled koi pink diamonds
Credit: Perth Mint


The limited edition collection, called The Jewelled Koi, consists of only eight coins, each featuring two shimmering koi — an 18-carat rose gold koi hand set with 78 Argyle Pink Diamonds and an 18-carat white gold koi handset with 80 white diamonds — each with two Argyle golden diamonds for eyes.


Pink diamond gold coin
Credit: The Perth Mint


According to IDEX Online, each coin has a nominal value of AUD 2,500 ($2,227) but are being sold to collectors for AUD 262,800 (US$190,000). The coins are part of the Masterpieces Series, which includes Jewelled Phoenix, Dragon, Tiger and Horse coins.

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